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Smile makeover, full mouth reconstruction, and full mouth rehabilitation are terms often used interchangeably to describe the process of rebuilding or simultaneously restoring all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. As a top Los Angeles smile makeover dentist, Dr. Goodjohn uses sophisticated diagnostic technologies and advanced treatments to turn even severely damaged teeth into dazzling smiles.

The need for full mouth reconstruction may result from:

  • Teeth that have been lost due to decay or trauma.
  • Teeth that have been injured or fractured.
  • Teeth that have become severely worn as a result of long-term acid erosion (foods, beverages, acid reflux) or tooth grinding.

Smile Makeover in Los Angeles

Dr. Goodjohn, a leading LA smile makeover dentist, will examine your mouth to determine the extent of the problem and the treatment options that can be used to correct it. In particular, she will examine the condition of your:

Teeth: The condition of your teeth will determine what restorative procedures may be needed, such as porcelain veneers or full-coverage crowns, inlays or onlays, bridges or dental implants. In particular, she will make note of any cavities and decay, tooth wear, cracks, short/long teeth, root canal issues and any tooth movement.

Gums: If your gums are not healthy, you will most likely need scaling and root planing to treat periodontal disease. You may require more intensive treatments from a periodontist to ensure that your newly reconstructed teeth will have a solid foundation. Such treatments could involve soft tissue or bone grafts to build up your gums and underlying jaw bone. Dr. Goodjohn will look for deep pockets, excessive or insufficient gum tissue, periodontal disease and bone density irregularities.

Temporomandibular joints, jaw muscles and occlusion: A stable bite – one that does not cause pain when you close your mouth or chew and one that does not cause wear or destruction of your teeth – is important to your overall oral health. Occlusal changes need to be taken into consideration when planning a smile makeover in Los Angeles. In fact, you may require orthodontics (dental braces) or some other type of treatment (night guard or bite reprogramming orthotic) to correct occlusion before additional restorative procedures can be performed.

Esthetics: The color, shape, size and proportion of your teeth, and how they appear in relation to your gums, lips, mouth, side profile and face, are also important factors in full mouth reconstruction treatment. To improve the esthetics of your smile, the talented LA cosmetic dentist, Dr. Goodjohn, might recommend tooth whitening and/or gum lift in Los Angeles.

The examination process requires records of your mouth, such as X-rays and photographs, impressions of your upper and lower teeth, models of your teeth that are made from the impressions and a model of your bite. Dr. Goodjohn sometimes refers her smile makeover Los Angeles patients to specialists (periodontist, orthodontist, oral surgeon) for a consultation in order to develop the best possible treatment plan.

Once Dr. Goodjohn has obtained all information relevant to your case, she will develop a comprehensive, step-by-step smile makeover plan to correct all of the problems in your mouth and complete your full mouth reconstruction.

Before Full Mouth Rehabiliation
After Full Mouth Rehabiliation
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